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Costume Design

Kostümdesign von Lola Paltinger
Breathtakingly dramatic and elegant, with an obvious devotion to detail and delight in the coquette... Lola Paltinger’s creative signature is made to attract attention, and that’s demonstrated most of all in her shimmering stage and costume designs.

Dieter Thomas Kuhn & Band engaged the designer for their extravagant stage outfits right after her sensational graduation collection. The models and their designs were later shown in an exhibition in Tübingen’s municipal museum. The collaboration with Dieter Thomas Kuhn, which has been continuing since 1998, is of great personal importance to Lola Paltinger. It celebrates its pinnacle in a flamboyant outfit for the musician and “schlager” star on every single tour.
If you have any concerns or questions about our custom made models, please contact Lola Paltinger directly at: 

Tel.: +49 171 60 20 696

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