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For more than a decade, Lola Paltinger has been creating two unmistakeable and extremely popular prêt-à-porter ranges exclusively for the HSE TV channel, which go beyond traditional costume.

The superior women’s wear range “Himmelblau by Lola Paltinger” comprises casual styles and trend-oriented fashion for summer and winter, complemented by accessories and jewellery. In addition, product premieres are presented all through the year. Traditional costume is celebrated one a year in a Munich Beer Festival special.

In the extremely limited-edition sub-collection “Himmelblau Couture by Lola Paltinger”, the designer offers some special and extremely fashionable highlights with the perfect “dash of Lola”.

With the personal presentation of her creations on TV and her charming advice, Lola Paltinger conveys the flair of an atelier appointment in a unique way. Presentations in different sizes demonstrate the outstanding fit and quality of the models. With this authentic live-show concept, the designer has been delighting a loyal clientele far beyond the borders of Germany for many years.

If you have any concerns or questions about our custom made models, please contact Lola Paltinger directly at: 

Tel.: +49 171 60 20 696

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