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Milka Lifestyle by Lola Paltinger

Lola Paltinger Milka Mode
Alpine freshness, pure indulgence and a tradition of the highest quality – since 2000, Lola Paltinger has been the designer of choice for the outfits of the Milka promotion teams. She celebrates the famous lilac, the fashionably fresh colour of the brand, in special material designs – with vibrant new interpretations over and over. The attractive dirndls, with traditionally laced bodices and jacquard lurex aprons, not only convey the message of the brand, they also carry that unmistakeable touch of humour that runs through Lola Paltinger’s designs like a golden thread.
If you have any concerns or questions about our custom made models, please contact Lola Paltinger directly at: 

Tel.: +49 171 60 20 696

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